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If there was a single word I would use to describe Kat that would be “wholehearted”. Wholehearted by definition is completely and sincerely devoted, determined or enthusiastic; complete earnest commitment; free from all reservation or hesitation.  Is it any wonder why she chose this for her company name? 

Wholehearted Concepts hopes to enlighten others to Brene Brown’s teachings. I have taken several workshops with Kat and am currently in her workshop for “The Gifts of Imperfection”. Kat’s natural “from the heart” persona provides a safe haven for all of us in the group to learn and discuss these topics of “imperfection” as well as other side bar topics that might arise. We have bonded beyond the workshop as we provide support to each other and from Kat.

Kat’s personality and presence are what draws people to her; an Attitude with Gratitude. 

~ Gary P.

Mechanical Engineer

The second Kat lets you hear her calming and reassuring voice, you know you are in the best of hands. The voice itself immediately demonstrates, in its most humbling and endearing way, that you are being heard and cared for. The endearing personality that Kat then adds onto the coaching session shines through her each and every word, guiding questions, and every moment of silence that lets you know she is really listening. Kat's intuitive coaching skills makes every session an enlightening discovery and a forthcoming process of your life's journey. Above all, it gives you a certainty that she won't leave your side---She will be there with you through the ups and downs, highs and lows, and tirelessly cheer you on as the true companion she is.

~ Ulrika F.

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Kat's coaching style is warm, supportive and innovative. She uses objective tools to assist clients to get to know themselves through new lenses. While it may feel like you are talking to a friend, Kat's mission is to ground the relationship on principles that form the basis of sound coaching skills. Thus, Kat's recommendations for strategies to move forward are based on the clients proven strengths and identified opportunities-as well as a clients vision for their life. 

~ Kristin U.


WholeHearted Concepts

Kat is committed to sharing her knowledge with others and her enthusiasm for teaching is inspirational. She provides a welcoming enviroment in which clients are encouraged to foster self-compassion and worthiness in their quest for living authentically. I am grateful for the opportunity to have increased my understanding of resiliency, worthiness and empathy, and how the cultivation of these personal qualities plays an essential role in the ability to live courageously in the face of life's many challenges. 

~ Celeste M.

Certified Occupational Therapy Practitioner

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I signed up for Kat's class "Daring Greatly," and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Kat is always prepared to teach the class, and she goes above and beyond all expectations, such as having snacks available, and emailing summaries of the class to all of her students. Kat has the extraordinary ability to create a fun, safe & confidential environment in which to learn. As stated on her website, she absolutely keeps her promise to be fully present and listen intently. This is a rare talent and skill that I've not seen in anyone else. I know without a doubt that my fellow classmates and I all feel supported and encouraged by Kat. She is one of my best cheerleaders, and I am grateful for her teaching.

~ Sharon S.

Accredited T'ai Chi Chih Teacher

Certified Reiki/Chakra Energy Healer